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Tue, Jul 25 2023 4:09 PM

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Financial Oversight Specialist



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3 Months

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As per NTA salary scale

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Full Time

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Ministry of Mines and Petroleum


    1. Contract Financial Oversight Specialist


    1. This position reports to:

Director General Hydrocarbons Management

The Ministry of Mines & Petroleum is now seeking well qualified individual to fill the position of Contract Financial Oversight Specialist to work under the direct supervision of Director General Hydrocarbons Management, in the light of the NTA policy.





Basic Deliverables

  1. Review and get approval for Amu Darya EPSCs 2023 and others Work Program and Work Program Budget.
  2. Provide financial analysis in the selection of the Deep Well Contractor as per the cost cap of financial guarantee and analysis of actual expenditure during the drilling operations.
  3. Provide support to the GDHM or the assigned committee in the preparation and implementation of the Hydrocarbon Projects.
  4. Support GDHM in the tendering process of the Hydrocarbon Projects i.e Totimaidan, Kushka Tirpul, Katawaz, Helmand, Drilling wells, Amine Plant and Pipeline etc.
  5. Provide recommendations for including the reasonable/rational fiscal terms in the Model Form Contract.
  6. Assist the GDHM in the finalization and implementation of the Aero Magnetic and Gravity Survey over Katawaz Basin, Drilling Two Gas Exploitation Wells, Kushka 2D Seismic Survey and Helmand Geological Survey.
  7. Provide support in preparation of procurement documents and take part in the Procurement process of the GDHM procuring new Amine Plant, Gas Chromatograph etc., projects.
  8. Prepare draft hydrocarbon fiscal regime (fiscal regulation) to meet WB benchmark.


The responsibilities and duties that would be performed:

  1. Develop an action plan based on the job description.
  2. Review and analyze the Work Program and Work Program Budgets.
  3. Lead the interdepartmental and with contractor meetings on WP&B to negotiate on financial and economic matters.
  4. Lead and assist the contract finance team on calculating and monitoring the production, sale, royalty, formula price, R-Factor Income, R-Factor Expenditure and production share of the Government as per EPSC
  5. Analyze and cross reference the variances identified by economic & budget analyst on quarterly and annual reports of contractors.
  6. Assess the Calculation of Accumulated Expenditures and Accumulated Revenue for calculating R-Factor.
  7. Analyzing contractor’s External Audit Report and communicates with External Auditors of Ministry’s highly concerned issues.
  8. Assist the director for appointment of expert Audit or review team incompliance with EPSC for Auditing contractor’s accounts.
  9. Take part in EPSC contract negotiation, presentations and Q&A sessions.
  10. Coordinate any financial issue of the contractor with MoMP and MoF participants.
  11. Any other task assigned by the senior management according to laws and regulation.





  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, ACCA finalist preferred.

Work experience & Skills

  • At least 5 years’ work experience with a minimum of four years in a finance, accounting or economic role, preferably in the oil and gas sector.
  • Familiarity with Oil and Gas, Energy or World Bank procurement procedures;
  • Experience with government entities.


Language Skills

  •  Excellent English language skills including professional level communication, writing, reading, and listening skills.
  • Good knowledge of national languages (Pashto and Dari)

Computer Literacy

  • Knowledge of computer programs (MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and accounting data bases).

Other Skills

  • Evident skills to plan, organize, coordinate, supervise project activities.
  • Ability to think and communicate clearly with others, motivate and lead subordinates.
  • Demonstrated ability to be proactive, take initiative, build consensus and make things happen.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with clients and external partners.
  • Good interpersonal and team building skills and communication skills;



Please send your CV and Cover Letter to the email address below not later than 06/08/ 2023 at 16:00pm. Please write in subject line: “Financial Oversight Specialist

, MoMP”.

Note: only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.




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