Minister of Mines and Petroleum met with professors and students of Herat University

Tue, Jun 08 2021 8:34 AM

Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri, accompanied by Muhammad Atiq Zaki, Deputy Minister of Policy and Extractive Programs, visited from the students and lecturers of Herat University.

The program was held at the Amir_ Ali_Shernawai Hall of Herat University. At the beginning of the program, Academic Vice Chancellor of Herat University, besides welcoming to the Minister of MoMP and his delegation, presented information in detailed about the university, and asked the leadership of MoMP to conduct joint scientific-research programs and practical work between the Ministry and students of Herat University in the extractive sector.

Afterwards, the Minister of MoMP thanked the students’ large gathering and said, “In order to effectively utilize and manage the geological information, the administrative structure of the Ministry need to organize and will pave the ways to implement new projects, as well as to create dynamism in the extractive industry sector."

Mr. Chakhansori also talked to establish Oil and Gas Department at Herat University, and added that the ministry tries to facilitate job opportunities in MoMP, private sector and the academic development in the extractive sector for Afghan youth. Especially implementing jointly scientific- research programs with the students of Herat University.  

The program ended by answering to the questions of students and satisfactory answers by the Minister of Mines and Petroleum.

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