Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum met with China’s Ambassador to Kabul

Thu, Feb 27 2020 10:52 AM

Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum Mr. Enayatullah Momand met with the ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Kabul, Mr. Wang Yu. The meeting discussed the implementation of extractive industries sector p­­rojects by China and their role and economic value in this sector,


Mr. Momand provided information regarding the current status of Amo-river and Mis-e-Ainak projects and said that for the better implementation of these projects, MoMP is trying to properly implement the road-map established for extractive industries sector. Mr. Momand also added that the Chines companies are working in the Hydro-carbon projects and has recently successfully completed the digging of two wells in Shibarghan.


China’s ambassador said, in addition to capacity building for the development of this sector, they will encourage Chinese traders and businessmen to invest in this important economic sector.

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