A New Director Introduced to the Directorate of Mines of Kunar Province

Sun, Jun 13 2021 11:10 AM

Mortaza Wahidi who was the winner through a competitive process of change program, introduced by the Finance and Administrative Deputy Minister, Muhammad Hamid Yosufi and the Deputy of Kunar Province Ms. Brishna Shirzai to the directorate of Mines of Kunar province.

In that meeting, besides introducing the new director of mines for Kunar province, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration, Muhammad Hamid Yosufi said, “Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has promised to start operation of precious and semi-precious stones processing and trading center in the province, and assure the investors for facilitating in this regard.”  

In the result of new efforts of MoMP, the High Council of Economics has approved a procedure to facilitate the purchase and export of precious and semi-precious stones, which will increase the value of precious and semi-precious stones. And also, private sector and professional mine engineers will be provided investment facilities for miners; and prevent from smuggling, arbitrary mining and revenue evasion, Mr. Yosufi added.

He said by the new procedure, traders would be able to obtain international licenses for quality and transportation of materials from the ministry at a very low tax rate and would be able to sell minerals in the name of their beloved country in international markets. Kunar also has enough-mineral resources and its revenues will not only help to increase the national income of the province, but will also play a leading role in the development of the province.

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