Internal Audit Directorate

The Internal Audit Directorate is responsible for auditing the internal performance of the relevant directorates of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in accordance with the Supreme Audit Law, audit of internal regulations of government offices, and related procedures. The directorate carries out all its functions under the direct supervision of the minister.

Following are the duties and responsibilities:

-          Develop and implement annual work plan

-          Prepare Audit plan of ministry units and submit to Supreme Audit Office

-          Ensure evaluation of ministry units in coordination with the Office of the General Audit

-          Timely preparation of internal audit reports of the directorates of the Ministry and approval by the leadership

-          Supervise the implementation of the evaluated reports of the directorates of the Ministry by Supreme Audit Office

-          Search for e-complaints listed on the ministry's website, as well as other cases submitted by the ministry's leadership.