Internal Audit Directorate



The Internal Audit Directorate has the mandate to audit the compliance and operation performance of MoMP directorates/units in accordance with the Supreme Audit Law, Internal Audit Regulations of the Government entities and other relevant standards and guidance.  Internal Audit Directorate has a direct reporting line to H.E. the Minister of Mines and Petroleum.

Following are the core activities of the directorate:

  • Develop directorate’s annual work plan and ensured the implementation of the plan
  • Develop MoMP Units Audit Plan and share it with Supreme Audit Office records
  • Audit MoMP units in coordination with the Supreme Audit Office ensure that the MoMP units taken in the Supreme Audit work plan is not audited by the directorate,
  • Produce timely report of the audited units and get them approved by H.E. the Minister of Mines and Petroleum
  • Monitor the implementation of the audit reports of MoMP audited units by the directorate and Supreme Audit Office and provide the implementation report of the audit result to the Supreme Audit Office,
  • Review complaints submitted via MoMP Online Complaint Mechanism and other extra-ordinary cases referred by H.E. the Minister of Mines and Petroleum,