The drilling work of well No 36 in Yatim Taq was completed successfully

Sun, Aug 16 2020 1:35 PM

The drilling work of extractive natural gas well No 36 was successfully completed in Yatim Taq gas field of northern Jawzjan Province.

After 40 years, this is the second gas well that has been drilled under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. The well has 1600 meters depth and its gas has the capability to fulfill the needs of Bayat and Ghazanfar Group IPPs, Mazar-e-Sharif Fertilizer Company and other utilizers.

In the early 2020, the drilling work of the A32 well was also completed successfully and is currently operational.

By operationalizing this well, the capacity of the extracted gas will reach to 3000 Cubic Meters daily and will add around 8 million annually to the government treasure.

It is noteworthy that around 250 individuals were directly employed during the drilling of the well in technical field and in providing security in the area.

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