Calls of Open Government Participation about collecting the issues which is proposed

Sat, Jul 24 2021 2:37 PM

by different layers of society and to include them in the National Action Plan -3

The drafting process of the National Action Plan-3 of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will begin soon.

Based on the guidance of OGP, the National Action Plans of member countries have been draft with the partnership of civil society organizations. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has drafted the two national action plans in light of mentioned guidance since its membership in OGP until now.

The National Action Plan-1 has been implemented successfully, and the National Action Plan-2 has been drafted in extensive partnership with civil society organizations and citizens and implemented in the final stage.  The National Action Plan-2 of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan includes 18th perspective commitments that by implementing their transparency and accountability in public service will improve.

Additionally, it will expand people’s partnership in drafting policies. For instance, regulation on registration in the review of beneficial ownership has been draft and approved to upgrade transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. Surely, proper implementation will prevent different crime taxes (tax fraud, money laundry, financing terrorism, and drug dealing).   

To be mentioned, the OGP Secretariat is facilitator to the drafting process of National Action Plan-3, and your proposed issues will present to the related authorities and General Assembly of OGP-A, after the collection.

For more information please refer to the OGP website. 

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