Chief of Staff

As it is clear by name; that Chief of Staff Office works under the direct supervision of the Top Management of the Ministry. Its importance is described as backbone of the organization. And its value and roles are known as a bridge between all the concerned departments of the ministry, the top management i.e. Office of Minister and Deputy Ministers, Presidents and Vice-presidents office, Chief Executive’s Office, line ministries and other national and international organizations.

Office of Chief of Staff is currently run by talented and qualified staff leaded by Mr. Noorulhaq Farid, who is the current Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

Chief of Staff is responsible for managing and following up of all the presidential decrees  and ministers council meeting decisions and distributing it to the relevant departments of the ministry and meanwhile following up of all management meetings minutes of the ministry leading by the Minister or deputies.

The archiving, documentation and records of all letters and issues are arranged in a systemized manner inside the department and arranging of all personnel official trips and visas are arranged by the Chief of Staff Office.

Its mention worthy that till 1984 this office was named as the General Department of Documents and Records under the direct supervision of Ministers and then renamed as Chief of Staff Office.