A bilateral meeting is held between MoMP and EITI International Secretariat Leaderships!

Tue, Oct 13 2020 3:20 PM

H. E. Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri, Minister of Mines and Petroleum, discussed Afghanistan’s Revalidation status with Mr. Mark Robinson, EITI International Secretariat’s Executive Director, through a virtual meeting today morning. 

Mr. Robinson appreciated Afghanistan’s progress for the past 18 months and promised that the status of Afghanistan’s candidacy will be known before the Geneva Conference. 

Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri, Minister of Mines and Petroleum thanked EITI for its cooperation. He said that Afghan government is committed and ready to cooperate with EITI in ensuring greater transparency. 
Mr. Chakhansuri added that the data is being collected for preparing the 7th AEITI report and it will be finalized at the earliest. 

In addition to the 7th AEITI report, preparation for the Geneva Conference was also discussed during the meeting.

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