38 small and large mining, 147 construction material projects have been sent to bid

Thu, Feb 20 2020 11:42 AM

Kabul, Afghanistan: Ministry of Mines and Petroleum have prioritized 38 small and large mineral mining and 147 construction projects in the fiscal year 1398. The projects have been approved by the High Economic Council and Cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and later sent to bid.

Total revenue from the mining sector has reached 5053382530 Afs in the fiscal year 1398. Among this, 1485570714 Afs belongs to the central revenue, 364937004 Afs of provincial revenue, while the remaining 3.2 Billion belongs to the revenue generated from different Enterprises.

H.E Enayat Ullah Momand, Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum was talking on Thursday, first day of government’s accountability program to the Nation  about the activities and achievements of the fiscal year 1398,  added that the bidding process of 5 large mining projects have been started at the fiscal year 1398 which includes Herat, Kapisa and Parwan Marble projects, Maidan Wardak Travertine and Kapisa Talc projects.

However, due to lack of eligible bidders the projects were re-sent to bidding.

Mr. Momand said that because of infrastructure problems such as Transport, Electricity and power, Land & water; small-scale mining and construction material projects have been given priority by MoMP.

According to Presidential decree, Mines Protection Committee has been established to prevent illegal and arbitrary extraction of mines. The committee, in cooperation with security agencies have developed a shared procedure to survey illegal mining. The survey work in 16 provinces have been completed, and the areas will soon come under legal contracts.

Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum added that tentative formalization of areas in Herat, Bamyan, Daikundi, Nangrahar and Takhar have started and 4 provinces will soon receive legal licenses.

In coordination with the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), the illegal activities of 19 sand and gravel plants and 33 gypsum production factories have been stopped, he said.

In Geological Survey section, 35 useful material mines have been identified in 15 different provinces of the country, 253 square Kilometers of mineral reserves have been surveyed and mapped, 910 cubic meters of mountain excavations, 310 points of underground water level measured and 109 reports of geological information have been analyzed during the fiscal year 1398.

Mr. Momand emphasized that by creating organizational reforms and development in the last two years at MoMP, both normal and development budget spending has significantly increased. The Ministry was able to spend 99% of its normal and development budget in the year 1398.

Reconstruction and excavation of gas wells, joint government and private sector projects, Shibarghan – Mazar-e-Sharif gas pipeline transmission, Afghan – Tajik Oil field and TAPI are among development projects of MoMP, some of which are completed and the remaining in progress.

Ministry of Mines and Petroleum is committed to fight corruption and bring reforms. MoMP Anti-corruption Action Plan which includes 9 benchmarks and 37 activities have been formed in light of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy of Afghanistan and all other priorities, and is prepared and implemented in consultation with civil society, donor community, private sector and other relevant agencies.

For the purpose of public awareness and in accordance with the article 15 of the Access to Information Law, all the activities, plans, reports, achievements and other Ministry performances will be daily published on MoMP website, Mr. Momand added.

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