Directorate of Information Technology

Department of Information Technology:

Department of Information Technology is one of the key departments of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This department is responsible for the installation, and implementation of information systems based on computer support, as well as the development of information technology development, procurement policies, standards, framework activities, the creation of electronic administration, creation and organization of information systems, establishing and regulating computer networks, protection network and information systems in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.


The aim of the ICT, to infrastructure the department of information technology systems, creating and providing the necessary, facilities requirements of information technology, with the standards of the 21st century in the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

The main objectives of this department are:

E-Government the official affairs of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Promote and development of information systems based on computer. Form the Infrastructure of information technology, own an information system for geological surveys.



History of Information Technology Department at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum:

Directorate of Information Technology at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum before 1390 stayed with two employees and two consultants at the level of a department, in order to offer internet services without management and hardware installation.

According to need of the authorities, and Based on further progress and improvements Directorate of Information Technology in 1391 within the framework of organizational, be promoted from Department to Directorate. Which

It has 2 Department, 7 position of General Manager and 14 Position of Management.





Directorate of Information Technology between (1392- 1394) in implementing the already plans،Comprehensive and effective programs in the area of information technology has achieved considerable achievement.

Plan, design and build NOC1 (Network Operation Center 1) or server room in the Ministry. In accordance to acceptable standards of Information Technology.

Plan, design and build NOC2 (Network Operation Center), Information Center for Geological Survey Department, in accordance the adopted criteria of information technology.


server room



Establishing regular computer network system for the Ministry and the General Department of Geological Survey (AGS).

Installation of service systems DHCP, File Server,, Domain controller etc. systems for Ministry Network and General Directorate of Geological Survey.

Analysis and Preparation network security systems to prevent security threats and cyber via fire walls, ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance), PF sense.

Installation of electronic attendance system, at the Ministry and the General Department of Geological Survey.




Design and Preparation of the Open Source operating systems for the Interior phone (VOIP) for the Ministry, General Directorate of Geological Survey and the Aynak copper mine, with audio and video facilities