Directorate of Information & Public Communication

The main objective of the Directorate of Information and Public Communication (DIPC) is to establish informative relations of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) with internal and international governing bodies, donors, academic and cultural figures, media, researchers, scientists, universities, and to communicate the activities of MoMP.

In order to strengthen the prestige of MoMP, this directorate with the cooperation of foreign co-workers and relevant departments, works on communication strategy.

The Directorate of Information and Public Communication in accordance with the policy of MoMP, creates news and articles on activities and achievements of the Ministry and publishes these on the website, magazine, and brochures.

According to its work plan, this directorate provides advice on the value of the programs of MoMP, and the development and renewing of the projects of DIPC in the long term.

For balanced and positive coverage of the development of minerals, hydrocarbons and underground water in Afghanistan and research centers of MoMP, this directorate follows the media communication strategy which reflects the policies and messages of MoMP, which provide the ground for the exchange of information between the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and other systems.


Introduction to DIPC

The Directorate of Information and Public Communication is responsible for enhancing the dignity of MoMP and creating inter-minister relations with relevant foreign organizations.

This directorate carries out the organizing of publication affairs related to the mining sector, including management, survey, economic analysis, exploration and usage, the commercial importance of the production of natural resources, and informing the public by the publication of research, articles and news in the Mining Magazine, brochures and on the website.

DIPC also provides notebooks and office files, organizes seminars and press conferences, creates relations with the media and conducts activities related to scientific information..

This directorate is responsible for  publishing the actions and achievements of MoMP through national and international media, and to highlight unforeseen matters and problems.

DIPC provides information inside the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and informs the staff members of the ministry about the process of mining , which is the basic activities of the MoMP.

In addition to the writing and arranging of the speeches, the Directorate of Information and Public Communication has recently focused on creation of remote communication of  natural resources extractives, and publishes this information in  the magazine of Mines, the website of the ministry and other media.

During 1966 -2007, this bureau worked as the Office of Publication, in 2008 it was promoted as the Department of Publication, and promoted as the Directorate of Information and Public Communication in 2011.

 The directorate has 23 employees that execute their assigned duties with honesty and with the ethics of nationalism.