About Donor Coordination Unit

Objectives of the Directorate

The Donor Coordination and Program Management Directorate at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (henceforth referred to as the ‘Ministry’) is responsible for alignment of development fund with Ministry’s vision, roadmap and reform strategy and to ensure utilization and efficient management of external assistance (mainly from international donors and development partners).


All international resources are to be channeled through the Donor Coordination and Program Management Directorate which will ensure that the international assistance/support is utilized and managed effectively and efficiently in accordance with Ministry’s roadmap, reform strategy, policies, needs and priorities and that there is no duplication of efforts. The Donor Coordination and Program Management Directorate is the only channel of communication and coordination between Ministry and development partners.

The Directorate is mainly responsible to:

  1. Ensure that the external assistance is aligned with the roadmap and reform strategy of the Ministry:


    1. Managing meetings to align the flow of external fund with the vision, roadmap, reform strategy and the overall policies of the Ministry generally as well as project/program wise, together with relevant directorates;
    2. Managing high-level meeting between leadership of the Ministry and development partners to facilitate integration of the external assistance with Ministry's priorities and to ensure aid effectiveness;
    3. Organize development cooperation dialogues on external assistance between the Ministry and development partners to be chaired by H.E Minister or Deputy Minister for policy and programs;
    4. Lobbying for Ministry’s role as a decision maker on the allocation and disbursement of external resources on priority and need basis;
    5. Work towards raising funds for projects/activities which come on ad-hoc basis;
  1. Harmonization and institutionalization of governance mechanisms for external assistance:
    1. Organize monthly coordination meetings with all the relevant directorates within the Ministry to discuss and plan for the upcoming needs of each directorate in advance;
    2. Strengthen strategic partnership and relationship with international partners; 
    3. Assist in preparing work plans for donor funded project;
    4. Ensure that donor found are used for donor with donor procedures;
    5. Monitor progress on the implementation of donor funded projects and programs;
    6. Appraise programs and project to be found by development partners based on donors mandate and relevant projects scope;
    7. Coordinate the development and monitoring of Agreements, MoUs and Protocols with international and development partners, international civil society organizations, AEITI and corporate partners in coordination with other relevant directorates;
    8. Track donor deliverable for specific and provide programs update to the Ministry's leadership;
    9. Follow-up on any ad hoc or ongoing specified project related issues with relevant directorates/stakeholders at MoMP;
    10. Ensuring the Ministry's presence at relevant donor forums and international meeting 
    11. Contributing to strategic planning, policy development and program management of the ministry, as and when required.

     3. Reporting, Communication and Information Management:

    1. Mutual accountability and development of information access and exchange mechanism between the international community and the Ministry;
    2. Maintain a dynamic database of all international found, donor profiles and donor mapping matrix;
    3. Develop, maintain and track/manage ongoing and new potential partnership opportunities for MoMP in coordination with other relevant directorates, as required;
    4. Represent the Ministry in local and international events on the external assistance agenda.