Technical Deputy Minister



Enayatullah Momand

Deputy Minister


Enayatullah Momand was born in Nangarhar – Afghanistan. He is currently serving as Deputy Minister Technical for the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), where he has devoted over 7 years in numerous capacities to develop the extractives sector of Afghanistan. He has led the MoMP on hydrocarbon-related projects worth over US$ 100 million and has been a part of major hydrocarbon projects concerning tenders, seismic surveys, compressed natural gas, gas midstream development, and others. Additionally, he has been part of the first ever gas-fired Independent Power Producer (IPP) project.


Mr. Momand experience is not just limited to the public sector, he started his professional career with an internationally renowned private firm and since then he has employed his private sector experience in attracting foreign direct investment into the country. Since joining the MoMP, he has attracted over US$150 million of foreign direct investment into the hydrocarbon sector. And he has worked closely with the private sector to enable the environment for a much-needed private sector investment in the sector.    


Mr. Momand is also a skilled manager with core competencies of delivering results, client orientation, and collaboration by acting as a key leader among various high-profile organizations. His management experience ranges from successfully managing a high-value gas development project and one of the largest foreign direct investment in the oil sector. Through these experiences, he has developed comprehensive knowledge of, and experience in, managing high-value complex projects.


Mr. Momand has excellent communication skills and routinely speak in conferences as a keynote speaker. He has presented hydrocarbon opportunities in Afghanistan in numerous countries to industry and government professionals. His presentations generate significant interest among representatives of international oil companies about energy opportunities in Afghanistan and it has successfully led to investment in oil and gas blocks.


Mr. Momand earned his degree in business administration from Iqra University, Karachi (Pakistan) in 2009. He is a recipient of prestigious Chevening Scholarship through which he earned his MSc in Oil and Gas Management, Coventry University - UK.


Education & Credentials



MSc: MSc in Oil and Gas Management, Coventry University - UK, 2016

BBA., BBA (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration, IQRA University - Pakistan, 2009


Additional Courses:


(a)Managing Safely in the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry – Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH); (b) Oil and Gas Development on Public Lands Study Tour –Bureau of Land Management National Training Centre, Farmington, New Mexico, USA; (c) Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, Farmington New Mexico, USA; (d) Health Safety- Certified Petroleum Education Council Safety (“PEC”) (PEC100641687); (e) Risk analysis and Contract Design; (f)  Contract Sharing and Bid Evaluation; (g) Petroleum Exploration and Development.