Small Mines Projects Details

Small scale mining. Is an activity that licenses are Awarded According   the applications. This type of licenses incudes’ all kinds of minerals apart from iron ore, coal, manganese, copper restricted minerals and any other mineral which is prescribed by regulation. The maximum mining area can be one kilometer square and depth of maximum 60 meters. The licenses are awarded for a period of 5 years and can be extended up to the term of another five years.  


Central and provincial production Value and Volume information

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Production value calculation mechanism

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Central and provincial Beneficiary Owners information 

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Small scale mining business procedure 

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Information about small scale mines projects 

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Exploration Data 

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Critieria for Mining License Evaluation

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List of Provincial Small Mines Contracts

Provincial small scale contracts are categorized by 34 provinces, and these contracts are in national languages (Dari & Pashto) because all these contracts were awarded to national investors.