Contracts signed for two large mines valued at an investment of 33,490,444 million US dollars.

سه شنبه, مې 14 2024 8:05 AM

Sheikh al-Hadith Shahabuddin Delawar, the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, signed the contracts for Jagdalak-e Kabul, Ruby Mine, spanning an area of 6.895 square kilometers with a total investment of 27.5 million US dollars, and Barite Mine in Herat Province, covering an area of 5.75 square kilometers with a total investment of 5,990,444 US dollars.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Director of Planning and Policy, Sheikh Zia-ur Rahman Al-Aryoubi, official authorities and the executives of Sayer Ariana Highland and Wahdat Niazi mining companies.

At the outset, the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum spoke about the aforementioned mines, emphasizing that the contracts for both mines are contingent upon compliance with laws, mining procedures and their respective commitments for a duration of 15 years.

Additionally, the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum added that processing activities, as per the commitments and agreements with the contracted companies, shall be exclusively conducted domestically and any violations of these agreements will result in the termination of contracts with the respective companies.

Furthermore, concerning social services, it was mentioned that the implementation of the above projects will generate job opportunities directly and indirectly for hundreds of Afghans and repatriated migrants.

Finally, it is worth noting that the Islamic Emirate's share of processed output will comprise 44 percent from Jagdalak-e Kabul, Ruby Mine and 50 percent from the Barite Mine in Herat.

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سه شنبه, جولای 16 2024 3:00 PM
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د ارزګان ولایت د کانونو د ساتنې کمېټې ناست ترسره شوه

د کانونو ساتنې کمېټې غونډه دارزګان ولایت د والي الحاج مولوي عنایت الله"شجاع"  په مشرۍ د امنیه قومندان الحاج مولوي محمد رفیق"خادم" د کمېټې غړو او د یاد ولایت د بېلا بېلو برخو رئیسانوپه. . .

پنجشنبه, جولای 11 2024 1:00 PM
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په پنجشېر ولایت کې د زمردو لومړنی نندارتون پرانیستل شو

 د زمردو دغه درې ورځنی نندارتون د پنجشېر والي الحاج محمد اغا حکیم، د کانونو رئیس، د کلیو پراختیا وزیر، سیمه ییزو چارواکو، ملي سوداګرو، صنعتکارانو او د رسنیو په شتون کې چې پکې د زمردو. . .

یکشنبه, جولای 07 2024 10:42 AM
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د آمو دریا نفتي حوزې قراردادي شرکت افچین د مرکزي او سیمه یزو دفترونو د اړتیا وړ توکو آفر ګشايي

د افچین شرکت د 12000 زره لېټرو تېلو، Cisco ټیلفونونو، د IT وسایل او تجهیزاتو او د مرکزي دفتر د کارکوونکو د خوړو قرارداد افرګشايي غونډه د کانونو او پټرولیم وزارت سرپرست شیخ الحدیث شهاب. . .

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