Meeting between the Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum and the high-ranking delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan

چهارشنبه, مې 15 2024 8:02 AM

The Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Sheikh al-Hadith Shahabuddin Delawar, met with His Excellency Esmatullah Ergashov, Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan, honorable Elham Mahkamov, Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan, and their accompanying technical team.

Delawar warmly welcomed the esteemed delegation from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, emphasizing the longstanding relationship between the two countries and their shared cultural and religious heritages. The Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan stated that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to sustaining mutual cooperation between these two nations.

Delawar emphasized national security, sovereignty, and the conducive environment for investment in Afghanistan. He stated, "The policy of the Islamic Emirate is economically driven, seeking to enhance trade and economic relations worldwide to attract major international investments, particularly in the mining resources of Afghanistan."

The Uzbekistan delegation expressed condolences for the recent floods in northern Afghanistan and articulated their goal of enhancing bilateral relations, particularly through expanding commercial and economic ventures between the two nations.

They expressed interest in investing in Afghanistan's mineral and Hydrocarbons resources and sought collaboration with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to facilitate investment opportunities.

Executives from Uzbekistan's mining companies expressed interest in Afghanistan's oil, gas, and coal mining projects and proposed collaboration with Afghan manufacturing firms to establish large-scale infrastructure for oil and gas processing within Afghanistan.

Delawar acknowledged Uzbekistan's interest in Afghanistan's mineral resources and affirmed the Ministry's readiness to collaborate. Both parties agreed to establish joint working committees to expedite practical initiatives, signaling a commitment to strengthen economic cooperation between the two nations.

تازه خبرونه

سه شنبه, جولای 16 2024 3:00 PM
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د ارزګان ولایت د کانونو د ساتنې کمېټې ناست ترسره شوه

د کانونو ساتنې کمېټې غونډه دارزګان ولایت د والي الحاج مولوي عنایت الله"شجاع"  په مشرۍ د امنیه قومندان الحاج مولوي محمد رفیق"خادم" د کمېټې غړو او د یاد ولایت د بېلا بېلو برخو رئیسانوپه. . .

پنجشنبه, جولای 11 2024 1:00 PM
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په پنجشېر ولایت کې د زمردو لومړنی نندارتون پرانیستل شو

 د زمردو دغه درې ورځنی نندارتون د پنجشېر والي الحاج محمد اغا حکیم، د کانونو رئیس، د کلیو پراختیا وزیر، سیمه ییزو چارواکو، ملي سوداګرو، صنعتکارانو او د رسنیو په شتون کې چې پکې د زمردو. . .

یکشنبه, جولای 07 2024 10:42 AM
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د آمو دریا نفتي حوزې قراردادي شرکت افچین د مرکزي او سیمه یزو دفترونو د اړتیا وړ توکو آفر ګشايي

د افچین شرکت د 12000 زره لېټرو تېلو، Cisco ټیلفونونو، د IT وسایل او تجهیزاتو او د مرکزي دفتر د کارکوونکو د خوړو قرارداد افرګشايي غونډه د کانونو او پټرولیم وزارت سرپرست شیخ الحدیث شهاب. . .

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