Directorate of State Owned Enterprise

Objectives of SOEs:

The SOEs Directorate is part of MoMP’s Tashkel and the main objectives of state owned enterprise are to coordinate, facilitate and monitor financial, operation and management affairs of MoMP enterprises (Jabal al-Saraj Cement, Fertilizer and Power, Afghan Gas and North Coal Enterprise).

The directorate has 15 staff (12 Permanent and 3 Contractual) and work in two divisions:

Coordination office:

This office has the duties to coordinate the task with four enterprises. The coordination office has four sub offices which has the responsibility to communicate with each Enterprise accordingly.

Evaluation and General management office:

This office consists of three sub offices which are:

  • Financial: Responsibility,  to record and monitor the financial affairs including annual financial plan, annual financial statements and reporting,
  • Evaluation, and statistics:  The responsibilities are: to collect and review monthly, quarterly and annual financial report of the enterprises and communicate with MoFs’ SOEs directorate for further process.

Brief Information About Four Enterprises:

The largest of the SOE is North Coal Enterprise, which is responsible for extracting coal. The main office is located in Pul-Khumri district of Baghlan province and extracted 2222037-ton coal in 1397. The second one is Afghan Gas Enterprise (AGE) which is responsible for production natural gas and the main office is located in Juzjaan city. The AGE produced 153 million cubic meter in 1397 and currently provides 95% of natural gas to the KoB enterprise. The third enterprise is the fertilizer factory which is located in Mazar Sharif city and produce electricity and fertilizers. The enterprise produced 44000 ton fertilizers and 115 million kilowatt electricity in 1397. Finally, the MoMP another enterprise is Jabal Saraj cement which is located in Jabul Saraj district of Parwan Province and the plant has capacity to produce on average 60 t/day.