Directorate of Policy

The Directorate for Economic Analysis and Developing and Evaluation of the Polices of MoMP has the mandate to conduct economic analysis, develop sector related policies, MoMP strategic, annual and anti-corruption plans; and to ensure and report on the implementation them through undertaking timely monitoring and evaluation.

Following are the core activities of the directorate:

  • Contribute in development and review of sector related strategic documents such as policies and strategies such as , National Minerals Policy, National Hydrocarbons Policy, MoMP Reform Strategy, ASM Formalization Strategy and more
  • Develop strategic, annual and anti-corruption plans line with the strategic documents of the ministry,
  • Establish and implement Monitoring and Evaluation system to monitor and evaluate directorates’ performance based on their work plans and provide relevant MoMP directorates with recommendation on how to effectively implement their work plans in a timely manner
  • Receive benchmarks from international community and MoMP officials and communicate them to relevant directorates for implementation
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the ministry’s benchmarks and  provide recommendation on how to improve directorates’ performance in respect with benchmark implementation
  • Provide training on planning and reporting to MoMP staff
  • Collect sector related statistics of production, revenue and share it with the relevant entities

Following are some of the directorate’s achievements:

  • Contributed in development of MoMP Reform Strategy and produced Extractive Sector National Priority Program in line with the reform strategy
  • Drafted National Minerals Policy, and National Hydrocarbons Policy with the support of donor projects
  • Contributed in drafting of ASM Formalization Strategy,
  • Developed MoMP annual plan and anti-corruption plan based on the MoMP Reform Strategy and Afghanistan National Anti-corruption Strategy and ensured their timely implementation
  • Established and operationalized Monitoring and Evaluation system
  • Receive benchmarks from international community such as US-Afghan Compact, European Union Delegation, IMF, EITI and MEC and ensured their timely implementation