Policy and Programs Deputy Minister


Waliullah Zadran

Policy and Programs Deputy Minister

Waliullah Zadran was born in Kabul – Afghanistan. He is currently serving as deputy minister- policy and programs for the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP).

Mr. Zadran has completed his primary education in Kabul and has pursued his bachelor degree in Law and master degree in International Trade and Investment Laws from India.

For more than six years, Mr. Zadran has served the government in various positions. His first role as the government employee was assistant to the cultural and education affairs commission of house of people- parliament of Afghanistan. He has served as special assistant to commission of natural resources and environment of house of people, legal officer- Afghanistan Petroleum Authority, legal expert- ministry of urban development and housing, legal expert- ministry of mines and petroleum, and legal advisor, senior legal adviser to minister of mines and legal director at the ministry of mines and petroleum.

During the last 2 years, in capacity of legal director and now deputy minister of mines and petroleum, Mr. Zadran has contributed significantly in developing of new legal framework for extractive sector, mechanism for obtaining dues and outstanding payments from contractors, review and finalization of fourteen large scale mining/oil and gas projects and preparation of essential policies and reports to the high economic council, national procurement commission and the cabinet of government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Zadran is a credible and professional lawyer in the extractive sector.