seminar on Assets registration and declaration was held at MoMP

Sun, Mar 08 2020 8:45 AM

 Office of registration and declaration of assets held a one-day seminar for high-ranking officials at the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

The seminar was attended by Hussain Dad Shifai, deputy minister of Geology Survey and Abdul Wadood Basharyar, Director of assets registration and declaration at the administrative office of the president.

On behalf of MoMP, Mr.Shifai renewed the commitment and cooperation of his ministry to combat corruption.

While talking about the registration of assets according to article No 154 of the national constitution, Mr.Basharyar said that “ The office of assets registration and declaration is established to avoid the embezzlement of public properties, promote the culture of integrity, accountability, transparency and rule of law and to enable the asset registration, analyze, review and publish of high ranking officials”.

Mr. Ihsanullah Hayat, Public Awareness expert at the directorate of registration and declaration of assets for high ranking officials provided information to the participants regarding the goals and plans of the directorate.

Information was provided regarding the law on dissemination, registration and review of assets, the process of filling the form and introduction to online registration. Also, information was given about the commitments of Afghan government regarding the fight against corruption, unpleasant consequences of providing wrong information in asset registration form and the process of review.

At the end, participants shared their views and suggestions about the asset registration and declaration.


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