Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist

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Start date:

End date:

Contract: One year

Salary Scale: NTA

Report to: General Director of Geological Information Management


About Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)

MoMP is an enabler of the sector’s development and steward of all mineral and hydrocarbon resources through the implementation of international best practices, policies, regulations, and procedures to encourage environmentally and socially acceptable private investment. It is the responsibility of MoMP to ensure progress in research, exploration, development, and exploitation of both minerals and hydrocarbons. The MoMP approach is to create the highest level of ministerial competence, promote clear and transparent investment opportunities through modern laws, regulations, policies, and develop a progressive and accountable fiscal regime.


The objective of the job is:

  1. To ensure a systematic approach is enabled to provide enough information about the geological structure of the country using up-to-date remote sensing tools, and;
  2.  To ensure all the archived remote sensing data of Afghanistan are well-preserved, maintained, and facilitated for better use.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Explore and improve the existing remote sensing (RS) data within MoMP and the USGS platform to consolidate the remote sensing archive data. This includes coordination with different and diverse working groups and sections within the MoMP and online platforms.
  • Conduct resultbased research on the usage of RS in metallic and non-metallic mining sites.
  • Specify, digitize and classify the national geological maps by their geological survey resolution (scale).
  • Design, maintain and classify a raster dataset for better use in GIS mapping and support early-exploration activities.
  • Assess the process of information flow, detect shortcomings, provide wayout and solution
  • Draft knowledge notes, infographics and prepare maps in a regular manner (two times per month)
  • Provide a processmap for GIS and RS sections to facilitate the survey activities and communicate the required information with the internal subdivisions in a timely manner.
  • Use ENVI, ERDAS, GIS, MATLAB and other related software to interpret and analyze satellite images.
  • Extract geological and lithological data and information, and prepare thematic geological maps using Aster, Sentinel, Landsat, and hyperspectral satellite images.
  • Overlap and crosscheck satellite image data with field geological data to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Provide regular training courses to Tashkeel staff of the general directorate of geological information management
  • Use and draft Bandwidth and Band-Math formulas to detect and reveal geological structure
  • Perform other duties in line with rules and regulations as required by the direct supervisor and MoMP’s highranking officials.



Master’s degree in Geo-Science, GIS, Remote-Sensing with 3 years of relevant experience (Use of remote sensing in Geology)

Bachelor’s degree in Geo-science, GIS, Geography, Geology, Natural Resource Management, 10 years of general experience in GIS and remote sensing. Having experience in the use of remote sensing in geology is preferred.


Proficiency in ArcGIS and ERDAS and having knowledge of using ENVI, MATLAB, and/or other related software

Proficiency in using GEE is preferred

Proficiency in speaking English along with both national languages

Ability to work in a diverse environment where the members have different backgrounds.

Ability to achieve milestones in an unexpected situation


Submission guideline:

Applicants are requested to submit a complete application package which must include all required documents (provided below) to

Required Documents:

A current resume or curriculum vitae.

Note: In order to have your application considered, you must submit all required documents, mentioning the subject line. If you omit any of the required documents, cover page, cv. Your application will not be considered.


Human Resources Department, Development Projects HR Unit, first floor, Main Building Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Abdul Haq Square.

For more information, please contact  +93786060202