Construction material survey around Kabul

Sun, Nov 01 2020 11:37 AM

To increase national revenue and working opportunities by making efficient use of mineral resources, Ministry of Mines and Petroleum surveyed construction material around Kabul Province.

The survey field team studied Granit, Amphibolite, marble, Travertine, Dolomites, sand and gravel in Deh-sabz, Shakar-Dara, Kariz-Meer, Mir Bacha Kot, Farza, Paghman, Sarobi, and Char Asyab districts of Kabul province.

Following are the activities carried out by the Survey team:

  • Discovery of geological structures
  • Identifying links
  • Determining the apparent layers of minerals
  • Contour the minerals
  • Study of lateral stones
  • Counting the potential reserves
  • Sketched areas
  • Prepare list and other necessary activities

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