Geological Survey Deputy Minister


The Short Biography of Noorullah Stanikzai, Deputy Minister of Survey and Geology of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum;

Deputy Minister of Survey and Geology, Engineer Noorullah Stanikzai, was born in an enlightened family of Logar province in 1981.

When he reached to the age of learning, Mr. Stanikzai turned to his lessons. He studied and graduated from IRC high school in 2001. After his school graduation, enrolled in the Department of Geology of Kabul Polytechnic University, from where he received the degree of bachelor in the exploration and extraction of oil and gas mines in 2008.

According to the demands of the situations, he continued his studies till to complete his Master's Degree in the field of useful Solids Material from the Department of Geological Mining Exploration of Kabul Polytechnic University in 2017.

Mr. Stanikzai has been worked on several executive and technical national and international positions that closely related to the expertness of the sector, such as: Development, Geology, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Surveying, Information Technology, Geographic Information (Earth Observation), Infrastructure, Land Management and Information Management, which have mentioned below:

  • From 2018-2020, he served as Deputy Director of Geographic Information with National Statistics and Information Authority.
  • Acting Director of the Department of Agricultural Statistics and Geographic Information at the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock for two years
  • He worked as a Senior Geospatial Analyst on a World Bank Project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for three years.
  • From 2012-2014, he worked as a Senior Specialist for Land Cover Map with the United Nations.
  • Worked as a Consultant of Geological Information Management with GIZ
  • From 2008-2012, he Worked as a Geographic Information Technology Specialist in Urban Development, Land Management and Infrastructure with different international development organizations for four years.
  • He had the honor of lecturing at the Faculty of Geology of Kabul University for one year.
  • He also worked as a Senior Lecturer with Kabul and Kabul Polytechnic Universities’ Faculty of Geology to use the Geographic Information System in Mining under an agreement with International Development organizations.
  • According to his achievements and innovations in the field of geographic information technology, he was able to come in the rank of the top 50 young leaders in the world by the Geospatial Media and Communications Organization. 1399/12/13

Based on the decree of the presidential office, Mr. Noorullah Stanikzai appointed as the deputy Minister of Survey and Geology to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.