Biography of Nargis Nehan Acting Minister Ministry of Mines and Petroleum


Minister Momp

Narges Nehan Acting Minister of Ministry of Mines and Petroleum was born in Kabul and holds a master's degree in Business Administration. 

Ms. Nehan has served as General Director of Treasury to the Ministry of Finance, Finance and Administration Deputy Director of Kabul University, Senior Planning and Coordination Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education, Senior Financial and Administrative Advisor to the Ministry of Education, member of De Afghanistan Bank High Commission, and Director of Policy Coordination Unit at Arg.


Ms. Nehan has successfully lead the Treasury Department's reform program, which included centralization of the government revenue collection and provincial expenditures, establishing a single treasury account, developing a free balance system (to indicate national budget expenditure) digitalization of government's financial system, coordinating between relevant ministries and the national treasury, providing revenue and expenditure reports to the Cabinet, as well as establishing a credible benchmark for overseeing the ministry's financial performances.


Moreover, she coordinated and developed a five-year strategic plan for the Ministry of Education funded by the World Bank, which resulted establishing the Donor Coordination Unit, launching an effective budgeting program, and enhancing the relationship between departments to assimilate the strategic plan and the annual budget. It also included reviewing the organizational structure of the Ministry of Education that identified and removed (17,000) ghost employees from the Ministry's structure, setting up employees' payment through bank accounts, Ministry's budget adjustment, and attracting donors to their key functions.


To improve the numbering of the Ministry of Education staff, she designed and conducted a two-month survey covering all MoE staff. Consequently, the two quarters suspended salaries of the Ministry's staff were processed and paid. She also served as a voluntary adviser to the Ministry of Interior assisting the ministry in the creating the Afghan Public Protection Force.


Ms. Nehan has coordinated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in assessing the Ministry's budget, procurement and finance, planning, and capacity building programs and has also given instructions regarding further implementation.


She is the founder of the Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD) a civil society organization empowering women and youth that is now one of the leading research and litigation institutions. She is also an active member of Afghan civil society and has participated in numerous national and international events to communicate the community concerns and provide recommendations. 


Ms. Nehan has acquired leadership skills, contract management, strategic planning, budgeting, and conflict resolution from international institutions. In the meantime, she has organized several conferences, workshops, and roundtables to facilitate dialogue between citizens, and policymakers to raise awareness of their responsibilities and civil rights.