Biography of Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri Minister of Mines and Petroleum


Mohammad Haroon Chakhansuri was born in 1980 in Chakhansoor district of Nimroz Province.

Education: Mr. Chakhansuri pursued primary education in Kabul and Nimroz, Intermediate education in Nimroz and Herat and secondary education in Queta City. Mr. Chakhansuri has got his bachelor degree in Management from Kardan University and Master’s in Public Administration from Sydney University, Australia.

Work Experience: Mr. Chakhansuri has worked with various government and international organizations for 16 years. He has worked with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Public Health, World Bank, Administrative Office of the President, Chief of Staff Office to the President and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He started working as an employee and reached to the position of Acting Foreign Minister.

Besides obtaining experience from various organizations, he has got scientific and professional experience in the fields of Governance, Public Policy, International Development, Strategic Communication, Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, Systems Development, Performance Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. His key achievements are as following:

  • Establishment of practical Administrative and Managerial system for the National Solidarity Program.
  • Establishment of practical coordination system and Information registration
  • Establishment of practical regulation and oversight processes for the implementation of development projects
  • Establishment of coordination system and implementation mechanism with the Donor countries
  • Implementation of the reactivation of agricultural cooperatives program


Mr. Chakhansuri obtained merit-based Master’s scholarship in 2011 and traveled to Australia. He returned to the country and worked with the Ministry of Public Health, World Bank, Administrative Office of the President and Presidential Palace until 2019.

His main achievements during this period are as following:

  • Establishment of Management Mechanism for coordination of International Aid for the effective and transparent use of Funds.
  • Evaluation of the projects with implementation obstacles, Mapping project implementation, change in project management methods and turning failed projects into successful ones.
  • Mapping all working processes of the Protocol Directorate to create system-oriented management
  • Improve the organization to a clear and system-oriented administration
  • In order to ensure coherence and effectiveness of the government affairs- for the first time- created computerized system for all working processes and directing the administration from person-oriented to system-oriented, which resulted in transparency, effectiveness and speed.
  • For the first time, created an electronic mechanism for the follow-up and implementation of the orders, decrees and rulings of the president.
  • Establishment of government-level coordination among Spokespersons.
  • Paved the ground for short-term training of the Spokespersons and Deputy Minsters
  • Compilation and publish of comprehensive and analytical Book on the achievements of the government.
  • Establishment of Mechanism and Information coherence
  • Preparation of a one-year government plan and Strategic guideline in cooperation with all government organizations
  • Inclusion of Uzbeki and Balochi languages in Arg publications
  • Establishment of management system and implementation mechanism for the programs and government’s leadership decisions.
  • In order to bring cohesion, coordination and effectiveness in Presidential Supreme Council, established managerial and implementation capacity under a single and cohesive umbrella.


 M. Haroon Chakhansuri was appointed as Political Deputy and Acting Foreign Affairs Minister in January 2020. His main achievements in MoFA are as following:

  • Definition and determination of the vision, mission, duties and responsibilities of MoFA
  • Revision and arrangement of work procedures and regulations of MoFA
  • Rationalize the organizational structure of the Ministry
  • Establishment of system and rationale mechanism for the implementation of reforms process

M. Haroon Chakhansuri was appointed as Acting-Minister of Mines and Petroleum on 16, June, 2020. He elected as the Minister of Mines and Petroleum by obtaining the votes of Parliament members on 30th October 2020. 

With the gradual work growth – in various government organizations- and has gained effective work experience in different sections of the Presidential Palace. As a result, for the management and effectiveness of the administration, he was able to bring and create necessary mobility and working systems for the improvement of organizations, better and faster delivery of government services, coordination among government departments and country’s economic growth.

Mr. Chakhansuri only holds Afghan nationality and is living in Kabul with his family.